Knee Pain is Never Normal, and Here We Explain Why

If you are dealing with knee pain to any degree, it’s important to know that this is not normal. The purpose of the knee is to help our body bear weight and absorb shock during movement. Ignoring knee pain may only prolong the issue and make matters worse overtime. There is no good reason to fight through knee pain, and people are encouraged to visit a knee doctor about the various treatment options available to them. Here are other facts about knee pain:

The cause of the knee pain may not be what you think. You may be tempted to assume that your knee pain is stemming from a specific reason. However, it is best that you have a reputable knee doctor examine the knee and make an official conclusion. In this way, you can properly take care of your knee because you have an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

Inflammation may be a sign of something deeper.
Some people shrug off their knee pain as not being anything serious. But, inflammation is a common culprit of something deeper going on in the knee itself. The knee tissues may get inflamed after being torn, strained, or when cartilage has worn away. Treatment for pain in the knee often begins with targeting the inflammation.

Knee pain can be caused by non-traumatic or traumatic pain.
Non-traumatic knee pain is when the pain slowly builds up overtime. For example, let’s say you play sports with a team each week. If you have noticed an increase in soreness that worsens after each game or practice, then it’s probably time to get a check-up with a knee doctor. By comparison, traumatic knee pain stems from a specific incident you can think of where you moved the wrong way or twisted it, and from then on the knee pain began. 

Remember, you don’t have to suffer through knee pain. There are treatment options out there that may make a difference in how you are able to go about your life. Consider contacting a knee clinic about Fluid Flow Regenerative Medicine Therapy, such as Premier Osteoarthritis Center of Pennsylvania.