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Types Of Non-Economic Damages

Personal Injury Lawyer

No matter how much care we take to ensure our good health, there is always the risk we could suffer injuries because of the negligence of another party. In these situations, you may be able to file legal action against that party. If you are filing a personal injury claim, you may be able to recover a number of non-economic damages. Unlike economic damages which are quantifiable, not economic damages vary from victim to victim. The impact of personal injury victims is dependent on factors such as their lifestyle work and the type of injuries that they have suffered. A personal injury lawyer like one from Hall-Justice can explain to you more about non-economic damages you may be eligible to receive.


For accident victims who have suffered extensive bodily harm, such as burns from a fiery car accident or severely broken bones after a steep fall, the accident can result in disfigurement. When a person’s body is just figured, they can experience a range of emotional distress as well.  Lack of confidence, depression, and other mental health challenges or disorders are common among people who have been disfigured from a personal injury accident. Talk to a lawyer if you can receive compensation if you have been disfigured from your personal injury accident.

Loss of Life Enjoyment 

Loss of life enjoyment refers to the reduced quality of life the accident victims endure. Injuries from personal injury accidents can be highly impactful to the point where a victim is no longer able to enjoy their favorite activities. A victim’s quality of life can be severely affected because their injuries may prevent them from doing the things that they love. Examples of this include not being able to attend social gatherings or participate in specific hobbies or activities. 

Loss of Career Opportunities 

Another type of non-economic damage is the loss of career advancement or opportunities. Personal injury victims who sustain injuries or have developed trauma affecting their mental health May lose important career advancement opportunities. This can have a detrimental impact on a personal injury victim’s life, affecting their ability to provide for themselves or their dependents. 

Inability to Travel 

Not being able to travel is a loss or no type of not atomic damage. Some personal injury victims are not able to travel efficiently after an accident. They may not be able to see their loved ones or get to places that they need to go on a regular basis, such as the grocery store. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can prevent a victim from being able to exercise self-sufficiency. They may be forced to rely on other people to take them to important appointments such as doctor visits because they are not able to travel on their own. 

Pain and Suffering 

The term pain and suffering refers to both emotional and physical suffering that you have injured as a result of being in a personal injury accident. How pain and suffering is quantified varies according to each victim and the accident scenario. You can learn more from a lawyer about how you can claim pain and suffering in your list of damages so that you can be appropriately compensated for that as well. 

If you would like to know more about not economic damages you may be able to recover as an accident victim, schedule a consultation with a lawyer that you can trust.